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Low attenuation optical fiber PMMA production technology breakthrough

By the Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Zhen Zhen, Liu Xinhou leads the organic optical waveguide devices and materials research center, after years of effort, captured from the bulk polymerization direct production of PMMA fiber ( POF) technical difficulties, puts forward the single molecule diffusion transfer raw materials purification technique of peace push type thin body new polymerization technology for preparation of high purity fiber grade PMMA raw materials and with the support of the cladding material, formed with independent intellectual property rights of the high purity fiber grade PMMA optical plastics ( core material ) and cortex material preparation technology, successfully resolved the industrialization way and the key technical problems in batch production process and equipment. In its recently developed on the production of 100000 meters of PMMA optical fiber automatic line already months produce light attenuation in the 170~200dB/km PMMA fiber, and has basically formed the light attenuation in the 150dB/km PMMA fiber production latent capacity, product technical indicators have reached the international similar products in the best level.

Low attenuation optical fiber PMMA production technology in the development process of the Chinese Academy of Sciences physical science base support. At present, this achievement has caused a number of related enterprises attention, physico-chemical hopes to cooperate with the relevant enterprises, as soon as the results into the scale industrialization.

As the arrival of informatization, the information capacity of optical fiber communication system communication media as an increasingly urgent need, thus the communication network bandwidth, especially family access network broadband requirement more and more intense. PMMA fiber with a large core diameter, soft texture, easy connection, light weight, low price, high bandwidth and other advantages, in the broadband access network system, intelligent home network system, data transmission system, intelligent vehicle systems, industrial control systems and textile, lighting, solar energy utilization system has a great application prospect. In recent years PMMA fiber-optic demand increased rapidly in 2005, according to statistics, international sales have billions of dollars. Currently applied to data transmission of plastic optical fiber with low loss only Japanese Mitsubishi Co can produce, our country all needs every year a large number of imports from japan. The physicochemical Institute low attenuation optical fiber PMMA continuous mass production technology will be available to break Japan in the field of monopoly.

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