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Annwa high-tech new three easy to use development kit

China Beijing – Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ), the world’s largest private semiconductor company, today announced the launch of three easy to use “plug-and-play ” development kit, saving customers the latest assessment of the red, green and blue ( RGB ) color sensor product time. Customers only need a personal computer, you can use the newly introduced any HDJD-JDXX RGB color sensor development kit. Each kit comes standard with the rapid development of color sensing and measuring customer application all the necessary tools and software. Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) HDJD-JDXX development kit or previous in color sensor application experience little or no experience in the design staff of the ideal choice.

Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) RGB color sensor series of products the main application areas include: car dashboard and interior lighting, LCD display illumination and color management, household and commercial automatic indoor and outdoor lighting system. Other areas of application include consumer electronics, portable medical equipment, laboratory equipment, portable color reader and industrial equipment.

Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) China and Hongkong region general manager Li Ting said: ” the products are based on customer feedback information and launch, they need a simple and time-saving solution, so that they can be easily applied in assessment and install Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) RGB color sensor product. These new development kit to provide our customers with a complete solution, so that they shorten design cycle, to bring products to market faster. ”

Each development kit for the client to provide a simple setup, including a plurality of color sensor module ( transmission and reflection) and a color reader board. The kit also includes an easy to use interface of software, in the PC to provide an interactive work space, used for color recognition and distinction, and calibration of Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) RGB color sensor, to meet the specific application requirements.

Development kit and characteristics

· HDJD-JD02 – embedded in Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) HDJD-S722-QR999 color sensor. The solutions are used in various applications to detect the presence of a specific color, from medical analyzer to paint and coating is applied to the LCD display etc..

· HDJD-JD05 – embedded in ADJD-S313-QR999 digital color sensor, provides a microcontroller interface, and does not require any additional components. The digital sensor for various portable display application provides the ideal solution, such as mobile devices, MP3 players and PDA, it can be used together with white LED, measuring the reflected color.

· HDJD-JD06 – embedded in ADJD-E622-QR999 car color sensor. This solution is very suitable for dashboard lighting, interior lighting, Infotainment and navigation display field. It conforms to the automotive electronics Commission AEC-Q100 standards, in a monolithic circuit CMOS IC solution while the integration of a photodiode array and three transimpedance amplifier.

Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) LED and display module solutions

Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) is the visible LED in one of the largest manufacturers, annual shipments reached billions. Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) by virtue of its superior LED performance, efficiency and reliability in the famous industry, and in the world to very competitive prices to provide a rich variety of products. These LED and display device with various colors, package and the choice of perspective, can meet including automotive electronics, industrial applications, electronic signs and signals, consumer electronics and mobile phone and other applications. Avago Technologies ( LED Annwa high-tech ) main products include power LED, LED, LED surface mount package flash, type LED, seven segment display module, dot matrix display module, display module, a cursor indicating alphanumeric and graphics array, a color sensor and lighting and color management solutions. For more information, please visit the web site: www.avagotech.com/led.

On the Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech )

Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) is the world’s largest private semiconductor company, has a staff of more than 6500 people. Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) for industrial and automotive, communication network, wireless communication and computer peripherals such as the four major terminal market, more than 40000 customers worldwide to provide rich analog, mixed signal and optoelectronic devices and subsystems products. Avago Technologies ( Annwa uphold high-tech ) can be traced back to the Agilent / Hewlett-Packard Co for more than 40 years of product innovation and tradition, has a strong customer service ability and the most excellent on-time delivery capacity, is a recognized to provide high-quality innovative products business. As with Avago Technologies ( Annwa high-tech ) associated with more information, please visit the web site: www.avagotech.com.

Note: Avago, Avago Technologies and A logo Avago Technologies Limited in the United States and other countries.

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