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Cisco Huawei aggressive counterattack, which is a positive signal!

Early in the morning, to see a press, ” ZTE Huawei Cisco reduced to compromise, the lack of innovation to mark time “, tells the story of the Cisco CEO John Chambers in the quarter earnings conference call, ZTE is a partner, not a rival. Cisco will expand and ZTE cooperation, and is committed to long-term development in china.

At noon, see another news: experts say the United States market Cisco fear of loss of profits, through political means to curb the Cisco Huawei ZTE, should give up of Huawei China Company to enter the United States market plugging, thus to remain in the Chinese market, and from the Chinese market to obtain greater benefits to leave space. If only the immediate interests, will pay a heavy price.

Night, see more live coverage, zaobao.com article ” Huawei against tarnish will and Cisco life-and-death battle “. The article says, Huawei internal sources, after this event, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei will be changed in the past ‘s style, and Cisco launched fight at outrance competition. Ren Zhengfei’s recent inner speech, tone firm, ” we had to rise up the competition, in addition to transcendence, we still have what way? ”

In 2012, Huawei won two big in the Middle East, and one forced relocation of large area network cisco. For victory, Huawei is a more informed the company, employee morale. In addition, Huawei more in South America, Europe, the Middle East and other regions of the * * Cisco, win a game and a game victory! To 2012, Cisco Huawei in and fight is big, not only to return, is for China’s enterprises to establish a new benchmark. In-house personage says, Cisco Huawei to combat the strategic capital of 2000000000 yuan, which shows their morale.

If you read the United States Congress report, and then think of more than a month to the media reports, Cisco attitude change also expected.

First of all, the United States Congress draw fire against oneself. A month ago, the company be in the right and self-confident to interrupt and ZTE contract, because the United States Congress investigation, sensitive word is information security. Not to say that Cisco Mister “forgetful”, but in the use of the United States government suppressed after failure, a helpless expression. The main reasons : first, the domestic Internet and data transfer, routers, switches and other network equipment market, Cisco and occupy most of the market share. Along with the information security related sound is amplified, Cisco began by all sectors of the question, for example, China Unicom on ” China169 ” backbone removal, and security vulnerabilities related; secondly, financial profit to glide, lack of innovation, rely on a government crackdown did not achieve objective.

Secondly, rack one’s brains to Cisco, only to fall in the market. According to zaobao.com article called ” the toughest opponent! ” this is Chambers CEO of Cisco Huawei evaluation. Cisco, former Silicon Valley star, Huawei is played a series of “combined” to customers, including ” black “, induce customers to not do business and Huawei; accused of Huawei copied from its source code; spend millions of dollars the United States Congress, the government mobilized executives from HUAWEI in the United States and its competition etc.. However, they do not get in the United States and Shenzhen Europe more market share, but the Chinese market on the verge of death or destruction, the loss outweighs the gain.

Finally, support for Cisco Huawei resolutely counterattack, Ren Zhengfei’s inside view of very advanced. In addition to rise beyond, competition, there is no better choice. Cisco or not behind the attacks, but the United States Congress, is the biggest beneficiary survey report. Despite the temporary encountered difficulties, but in the United States, and Huawei trouble, the market will take the initiative to make the choice. If not in the market can beat Huawei Cisco, the United States Congress is not investigate, train of thought is still the market monopoly, they still have no way out.

As media, we should objectively treat and Cisco Huawei between pains and sorrows. We would rather believe, Cisco Huawei in ban on the issue, is innocent; however, innovation also should not be because of their superiority to stop; we hope to Cisco Huawei understanding past, however, we hope that private enterprise can compete continuously, do not have to leave no Cisco.


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