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Technology Innovation Improving Railway product competitiveness

ZTT railway product press conference held in Beijing. Railway signal cable, environmental protection type alloy sheath railway through ground wire, coaxial cable, railway locomotive vehicle cable, railway special flame retardant and Hardy fiber optic cable, special overhead transmission lines and power cable and other products of independent innovation of concern.

Technology innovation products have entered the railway market. Culmination Technology Group Rail Transportation Division General Manager Bao Degui said: the company of all types of railway signal cable, railway through grounding wires, power cables, special communication cable in the orbit traffic project is nearly 10000 km, good service in the construction of traffic of our country orbit. China’s first cross-sea Railway — the Guangdong-Hainan railway used the technology of submarine optical fiber cable. China Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail over 60% lines using ZTT flame retardant cable, up to 2600 the number of kilometers. The world’s first cold resistant high-speed rail – Harbin-Dalian high-speed rail use a lot of technology low temperature resistant cable, -40℃through a world of ice and snow.

Technology is the focus of high-tech enterprises, recently, the Ministry of science and technology, the SASAC of the State Council and the All-China Federation of trade unions for approval, it was identified as the national innovative pilot enterprises. Technology Group Chairman Xue Jiping believes that, independent innovation has become not only the enterprise a kind of concept, but has become the gene of the enterprise, in every link are the embodiment of the concept of independent innovation, guide enterprises has undergone in the past twenty years, own innovation force will support the future development of the enterprise.

In recent years, along with China’s electrified railway and high speed passenger transport special railway line construction spring tide, culmination technology group to independent innovation as the pilot is committed to research and development in line with the development of our country railroad the railway signal cable series products. Technology Group established a special railway product research & development team. They are railway cable product technological innovation has made fruitful. ” Independent innovation to achieve differentiation. ” Xue Jiping thinks, in the fierce competition in the market, if not through the scale to reduce costs, increase profits, it needs through technological innovation and independent innovation to achieve.

ZTT established optical cable companies and Research Institute, is the earliest built enterprise academician workstation, established China’s first enterprise ” knowledge bank “. The company established an advanced national wire and cable test center, access to national CNAS certification. A wire and cable materials and combustion chamber, fiber optic cable transmission line fittings laboratory, laboratory, laboratory, laboratory of communication cable submarine cable, a full range of advanced railway cable materials and combustion laboratory.

Zhongtian Technology Group chief engineer, engineering professor Xie Shuhong said, Zhongtian technology production of railway digital signal cable to meet the railway signal cable indicators basis, further optimization of electrical properties, has excellent strong electromagnetic interference resistance ability, improving cable signal transmission security and reliability, to meet the high-speed train running condition. In 2011, the modernization of factories through the CRCC ( Railway Product Certification Management Committee and the China Railway Product Certification Centre ) Certified Expert Group checks, obtain ” railway digital signal cable for CRCC certification “. In 2012 September, the production technology of digital signals within a shielded cable products issued by the Ministry of Railways ” digital signals within a shielded cable administrative licensing certificate “. They r & D digital signals within a shielded cable break signal transmission “of the same frequency of different cable ” limits, reduce project cost 100000 yuan per kilometer. Reduced lightning on signal equipment, the direct lightning, induction thunder and conducting lightning in invasive signal device can pass through ground wire before quickly, effectively discharge. Zhongtian Technology not only pay attention to through ground wire product safety, pay more attention to the environmental performance of products. Xie Shuhong said, technology research and development of environmental protection type copper alloy sheath railway through ground environmental performance in line with the EU RoHS directive, not on soil, water pollution, in a variety of harsh conditions to acid, alkali, salt and other soil corrosion, long service life of 50 years.

Leaky cable can solve the conventional signal is difficult to reach areas of the communication problem, applies to the railway, subway, tunnel, underground mine construction and other occasions. At the same time, it not only can be used for indoor distribution system, but also can be used for high speed mobile occasions signal transmission. Zhongtian Technology not only mastered the core technology, also made significant technological innovation. Zhongtian Technology led the drafting of leaky cable national communication industry standard. Has included self bearing type leaky coaxial cable of 10 national patents, 5 invention patents. Assumed “4G communication with wireless communication and signal cable research and development ” project of great science and technology. Technology research of leaky coaxial cable with excellent comprehensive performance and cost advantage, breaking the foreign products long-term monopoly situation, the domestic market occupancy rate of nearly 40%, the full range of services to Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, subway and high-speed rail construction project.

Technology is our country fiber optic cable has competition ability most before 5 strong. With the optical fiber preform, optical fiber drawing and the whole industry chain, in the implementation of ” broadband China ” strategy, successfully for optical fiber communication from the backbone network, metropolitan area network, LAN, gradually to network, network and advance the film domain has made a significant contribution. Xie Shuhong expresses, Zhongtian Technology has the ability to track traffic digital construction to provide system solutions. The future, technology will use fiber optic cable to the whole industry chain development advantage, fire-retardant cable, optical cable, optical access equipment such as cold and new technology application in China’s high-speed rail network.

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