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China Telecom 2012 field optical fiber connector Jicai falls next heavy curtain

Recently, concern about the ” 2012 China telecom field assembly optical fiber connector Jicai ” curtain falls, this is the first time in China Telecom Group layer facing the fast connector series product procurement.

It is reported, this collection of more than 80 enterprises to participate in bidding, the final 30 finalists shortlisted companies, divided into A, B, C three. China Telecom for the field optical fiber connector Jicai project using the method of comprehensive evaluation, the survival of the fittest, is the industry’s manufacturing enterprises conducted a reshuffle and recombination.

The stars in this fierce bidding competition in the talent showing itself, with excellent product quality and quality of service and customer service, improve the management system, the successful bidder for the class B. This represents the same stars since 2008, pick up the products from R & D, modified perfect, marketing and other aspects have made certain achievements, the series of products has entered a new stage of development.

Star with the photoelectric technology limited company headquartered in Zhejiang, it is a Sino-US joint venture, has the world’s leading optical communication technology in high-tech enterprises. The company has the world’s leading submicron technology and integrated optics technology independent intellectual property rights, and with the domestic and foreign deployment of FTTH network of comprehensive ODN solutions mature experience. The same star photoelectric committed to rely on core technology platform for optical communication field, development of high integration, high performance, high reliability of the device and system. The company mainly used to provide FTTX market of optical fiber array substrate ( VG ), micro-optics, multiple fiber connectors and the optical fiber connector and a series of optical passive devices, but also committed to the development of various types of packages and the structure of the photoelectric assembly, to adapt to the rapid development of optical fiber communication market, and on this basis, to provide customers with high-quality, the low cost of comprehensive ODN solutions.

The same stars has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification. All products are in line with RoHS standards, and through the Ministry of information industry, optical communication products quality supervision and inspection center certification. In 2012 to January, with the stars have been included in the invention patent and utility model patents, for a total of 19 national patents.

In recent years, optical communication market downturn in the special period, the same stars this successfully won the bid for China telecom field assembly optical fiber connector purchase project, the company is a good development opportunity, will effectively motivate companies continue to improve all aspects of management, to provide customers with more high-quality optical communication access technology products and comprehensive services.

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