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Motorola Nanjing nearly due has not signed a separation agreement

Today is the Motorola Nanjing R & D Center (hereinafter referred to as South ) employees severance agreement signed last date. South of employee representative Wu Chun (a pseudonym) expresses to our newspaper reporter yesterday, as of November 19th, there are nearly a hundred employees signed a separation agreement. Yesterday afternoon, company employees and executives to the conference call, executives say, the deadline can not be changed. On legal protection of ” phase three ” population ( pregnancy, perinatal, lactation), in accordance with the Nanjing city minimum standard of wages to pay 80%.

Have not signed the staff hope deferred rejected

Been in a loss of status of Motorola mobile was acquired after Google Go to “fine line “, along with the change of this one strategy is Motorola mobile layoffs.

At present, Motorola mobile Beijing area cuts has ended, and the South due to the fully closed, causing more than 500 staff dissatisfaction.

Since the beginning of August 15th this year, South staff conducted two banners of protest, and company executives were the three negotiation. The result of the negotiation is, company will cut the extension of the deadline to November 20th.

Yesterday, south of employee representative Wu Chun expresses to our newspaper reporter, as of 19, in more than 500 employees, has more than 300 employees signed a separation agreement, they will be in Beijing area with the staff, access to N+2 compensation. Remove the 40 were transferred to other areas of work staff and about 20 of the ” three period” of female employees, there are nearly a hundred people has not signed a separation agreement.

According to his introduction, signed some employees had not found the job, want to extend the deadline for signing. Employees want to executives to Nanjing again to communicate, however, this requirement is not satisfied.

Two thirty yesterday afternoon, more than 30 employees and executives to South Conference calls. ” Executives say, November 20th the signing deadline will not change. ” Wu Chun said.

The pregnant female most employees receive 23232 yuan

In addition to nearly 100 signed employee, company has about 20 employees ” three period”.

According to the ” female worker labor protection regulations ” provisions of article fourth: not in the female workers during pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding reduce the basic wage, or dissolution of the labor contract.

Wu Chun says, company executives said in a conference call, will continue to give these ” phase three ” employee wages, salaries for the Nanjing city minimum standard of wages 80%, namely 1320 yuan 80%, release time for the ” three period” expiration time.

According to the calculation of reporters, ” phase three ” monthly employee can get 1056 yuan wage. If it is just pregnant female employee, in 10 months pregnant and lactation period 12 months, can receive 23232 yuan.

In the south of job for 6 years, Ms. Zhang now 5 months pregnant, she expresses to our newspaper reporter, this also means that she got a wage of 1056 yuan per month, even to pay insurance money is not enough. Ms. Zhang says, ” from now to the end of the lactation period, I can get the insurance money, other income are not. ”

” The violence more shameful than layoffs. I illegal cutting can get some compensation, but the company does not cut us, we would have no income. Let a person cannot be accepted. ” Ms. Zhang says.

According to the reporters about the situation, the employees said, overdue signature staff will be the company terminates the labor contract unilaterally.

Motorola Mobile China PR Manager Si Xuanjun said, South layoffs will according to plan, most of the staff have signed a separation agreement, as to other situation is unclear.


Motorola playing touch ball ” ”

Jin Shiwei Shanghai lawyer Zhang Jimin said, in accordance with the law, in pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding period woman employee cannot be layoffs. If the dissolution of the labor contract law, it must pay double the economic compensation.

Motorola ” according to the Nanjing city minimum standard of wages payment of twenty percent off, this is not the concept of compensation. Is to maintain the labor relations. But if it continues to perform the contract, it should be in accordance with itself to issuing wages. Motorola approach has hit edge ball means. ” Zhang Jimin says.

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