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Frontier deploys ETI’s Triad B/OSS for FTTH networks

Frontier Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: FTR) has deployed Triad B/OSS from Enhanced Telecommunications’ (d/b/a) ETI Software Solutions, Inc. to help manage its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Frontier FiOS markets in Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, and Fort Wayne, IN.

The B/OSS will support a variety of technologies, including Frontier’s FTTH platforms provided by Motorola (AXS Vision) and Alcatel (GPON) and Frontier’s Motorola (DAC) and SeaChange (VOD) RF video technologies.

“A cost-effective and on-time conversion of our Frontier FiOS customers to our legacy B/OSS systems was important for us and our customers,” said Jesse J. Ross, manager, information technology for Frontier Communications. “Due to the multiple devices involved, we needed a solution to simplify integration, improve the customer experience and facilitate the roll-out of new services and technologies — and we needed it efficiently and fast. Early on, ETI proved Triad was the answer.”

ETI also added interfaces to support Tellabs’ BPON equipment and the Juniper service router interface. Both were completed ahead of schedule and within budget, ETI asserts. ETI also implemented audit capabilities to Frontier’s Alcatel and Motorola FTTH networks to identify mismatches between the billing data and the current provision state of the ONTs. “This streamlines our internal processes, makes us more efficient, closes revenue leaks, and ensures our customer statements are accurate and services uninterrupted,” said Ross.

“It was important to Frontier to have all operations on one set of systems to simplify employee procedures, streamline processes, and improve customer satisfaction,” added Ross. “ETI’s Triad has the unique ability to make diverse technologies from multiple vendors work in harmony with a service provider’s enterprise billing and customer care solution.”

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