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Ovum: global optical devices market lasts fatigued and weak

According to Ovum’s new device according to a report in the first quarter of 2012, following the 5% quarter growth, in 2012 second quarter, global optical device sales revenue reached $1600000000, basically the same chain ( Ovum first quarter forecast two quarter-on-quarter growth rate of 4%). However, Ovum believes that the first quarter growth was mainly due to the shortage of supply in Thailand after the disaster recovery, is not a demand growth. In fact, Ovum said in 2012 second quarter light device of weak market demand mainly by the macroeconomic uncertainty caused by.

That is to say, not every family light device suppliers are in growth. ” In the first ten optical device suppliers, Oclaro and NeoPhotonics to 17% quarter-on-quarter growth market leadership, ” Ovum analyst Daryl Inniss said. ” At the same time, the market leader Finisar shrank by 8%, this is ten in the biggest falls. From the regional market performance, growth from North America and the Japanese market. However, optical device vendors said Europe market lasts fatigued and weak, but since the first quarter of this year, China market presents fatigued and weak state. ”

Although the overall demand is fatigued and weak, from 10Gbps to 100Gbps to support high-speed transmission optical device products are pulling the market. ” 40G and 100G client and the line side of strong demand, at the same time, adjustable XFP revenue than the previous quarter weakness, ” Inniss added.

However, growth has been imminent recovery. ” Bandwidth demand growth, optical communication market the long-term outlook is positive, ” says Inniss. ” Fabrinet new production facilities have been put into use, production capacity was recovered to the level before the flood, the overall market manufacturing capabilities have returned to Thailand state before the flood. ”

Ovum is expected in 2012 third quarter of global optical device market will increase over 4%, and the optical device sales income will reach $6600000000, compared to Ovum a quarter of $6900000000 predicts a reduction of $300000000.

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