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Show more end user support

• United Airlines and IBM
•Brocade is an end user and we would like to use 40GE links between
switches and to LANs to create File Area Networks (FAN)
• Most 40 GE customers are more cost conscience than 100GE users
and can’t afford to attend standards meetings
•40 Gig is part of many other roadmaps
– Fibre Channel Roadmap which also includes 10 Gig and 20 Gig
– The Fibre Channel Roadmap can be seen at www.fibrechannel.org
– OC-768 – telecom supports 40G today
– InfiniBand roadmap supports 40 Gig – 4 lanes of QDR (10G/lane)
• All of these technologies support 2x, 3x or 4x jumps in the roadmap,
– Why does IEEE insist on these 10X leaps of faith?

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