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The rise of ” Zhejiang Optics Valley the Fuchun River bank “

From 1985 240000 yuan began to run cable factory, achieved sales revenue last year 3050000000 yuan, total assets reached 3600000000 yuan, comprehensive strength among the Chinese private enterprise competition ability 50 strong, the national wire and cable and electron component 100 strong before five, Hangzhou city has made outstanding contributions in the ten industrial enterprises … … This is called a Sun Qingyan founded Zhejiang the Fuchun River Communications Group’s story began in Fuyang, Optics Valley.

Now, Fuyang has built the largest in Zhejiang Province Communications equipment production base, cable, optical cable, optical fiber occupies the 1/4 above of countrywide crop. Has formed a wand, optical fiber, optical cable, optical components for leading products chain, ” Zhejiang Optics Valley” is from here rise.

Optical communication industry chain is perfect with each passing day

Fuyang optical communication industry started in the last century 80 time metaphase, after 20 years of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, now became the Fuyang scale enterprises, high-tech enterprises, the most most most most science and technology talent, brand-name products, the fastest growing industry, became the throughout the country’s important production base of communication equipment industry. Formed in the optical fiber preform for technical mark, fiber optic cable, optical components for the basis of supporting a whole optical communication industry chain.

At present, in the the Fuchun River river has gathered more than 300 communications equipment business, the backbone of the national enterprise 3, provincial backbone enterprises 6. Entire industry to the optical fiber and optical cable products, production value occupies the 86% above of total production value of industry, optical fiber and optical cable products of the annual production capacity reached 4000000 km optical cable optical fiber core, 6700000 core kilometers, cable 29400000 pairs km. In the ” Optics Valley “, a group of output value exceeding more than 1000000000 enterprises have the Fortis Group, the Fuchun River group, the Warren group, Huada group, the group formed a ” armada”, the communications industry output value, sales, profits accounted for more than 90% rich sunshine communications industry. An optical fiber preform projects were identified as the ” fifteen ” national “863” project, is currently the only independent research and development the synthetic production of prefabricated rod manufacturers.

Innovation of science and technology ” Optics Valley ” enterprise lasting power

Increase investment of science and technology, increase the investment on information, encourage and support the independent innovation of enterprises, the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises grow up, let the enterprises become bigger and stronger. According to introduction, the local financial year on year as R & D center, given 100000 yuan reward, and arrange the corresponding fund, for the enterprises and institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to build R & D center will increase the incentive strength; at the same time to support the enterprise technology center, R & D center construction and the development of new products, research and development of Industrial Park input total annual sales of more than 5%; establish a good talent environment, actively encourage enterprises relying on Industrial Park in Hangzhou University’s top talent, achieve the combination, the development of independent intellectual property rights of communication technology products.

Fortis Group, the Fuchun River group has established the postdoctoral research station, Fortis Group, the Fuchun River group, the Warren group, Huada group, Amano Michinobu equipment limited company built provincial technology center or center of research and development, the group established a provincial-level high-tech research and development center. Company R & D center and technology center build and move effectively, promote enterprises and tertiary institutions, research institutes cooperation relations, at present the whole industry has 22 enterprises and tertiary institutions, scientific research institutes to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation in science and technology. Through independent research and development and with the tertiary institutions, research institutes cooperation, research and development results continue to emerge.

To 2010, in Fuyang city and nearby towns range, will gather a group of flexible mechanism, strong innovation ability, management quality and efficiency is high, mainly the production of optical communications high-tech products and ancillary equipment, testing equipment research and development and manufacture of a modern enterprise, make the rich sunshine communications industry truly become the ” Zhejiang Optics Valley “.

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