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Why is 10GE so slow (at being adopted)?

Extract from Finisar proposal to 8GFC Fibre Channel
(http://http://www.sfpcables.com/) :
Practical 10G VCSELs to date have been small aperture MM devices.
– Yield VERY poorly even to largest allowed spectral width
– This is largest single cost driver for 10GBASE-SR
Practical TX design almost impossible. Requires high ER and expensive yielding and
The market requirement to have 10GE support 300 meters and the rush to get 10GE out in
2001/2002 lead to problems in manufacturing and test.
• Some vendors have solved manufacturing problems
• All vendors have problems with testing and yielding to the specification
• 8GFC PHY is avoiding these pitfalls and is expected to be 4X cheaper than 10GE


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