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Abstract: Zhang Erzhou bucket meter ( on)

A dark night, early spring still has a little cold.

Zhang Erzhou finally took a cigarette butt, and thrown to the ground stamped out, back to you guys got a wink. Seven people carry the guy, the walk towards the mound.

Zhang Erzhou is a zero two year old who, after graduating from secondary school, has been unable to find a job, and later in the Internet bar Libai a master, went into the line, one to one are mixed for four years, the size of affairs almost, just keep house, received a few Banda ‘s Apprentice, began to go it alone, this years mixing is not bad, will feel the fickleness of the world up.

This time he brought out on the apprentice plate, did not think of to he encountered a Tang tomb with a pickaxe, uterus, even not to move, hesitate, really reluctant, decided to strike while the iron’s hot. “His mother, avoid to others section of hu.

The disciples for opening the hole, he is watching the following clumsy-handed appearance, depressed heart, this year, a mixed society a lot, like look less and less, one and all his material, a rob hole, six men had him quickly.

Not easy to dig into the wall, a few disciples are soft in there, Zhang Erzhou had to go on their own unloading tomb bricks, he selected position can also be, a few, then remove a soccer large opening, flashlight illuminate the inside, not small, paintings, his mother ‘s hair, without looking at the antique shop owner ‘s face.

Are happy, suddenly the hole on a ghost like blue, frightened Zhang Erzhou jump.

A look back, a disciple is concentration of mobile phone text messages, using a vintage blue screen, as the pirates cave azure blue.

” Your grandfather’s ” Zhang Erzhou curse, a mobile phone to take it over, ” fuck you have a death wish, when, give me a message, confiscated! ”

The apprentice depressed scratching scratching, several other take pleasure in other people’s misfortune laughed, one said: “three, girlfriend to report it, you are very punctual, so how vibration Fu Gang? ”

Zhang Erzhou made a rare gesture, pick up the mobile phone confiscated a look, but also a curse.

Wife, I have been in the hole, and so on Tomb bricks unloaded can go inside, you are good, obedient, I must be home before seven, what would you like for breakfast, I bring you?

Husband oh yeah, that you, I want to eat fried fritters and ravioli, don’t put onion

Know, wife, one kiss

What! Thought Zhang Erzhou, this kid is very ill, his mother can’t have, this finish put him out. Fuck damn it, so do not correct attitude.

The gas almost, Zhang Erzhou made several other brick is unloaded, with a pedestrian in a light, flashlight around, should be the family tomb, at least a court official, the fresco was painted, a gang of young first came in, strange to look everywhere, all pull not.

Zhang Erzhou clapped his hands, saying softly: ” knock it off, the old rules, ear room things first full out, for I was broken, broken thing I chop your skin. Three son of man, give me the coffin. ”

Small answered, busy three separately, and fat man followed him to the mahogany casket, the three look at each other, fat man raised pry pole, creaked, inserted into the slot in the coffin.

Zhang Erzhou say a little prayer, God knows, I put some good stuff, to take the gold to take the gold, I good for early retirement, from these bastard away, then spit the two export slobber in hand, in the other direction to pry the stalks into coffin joint.

” Clever, a wrong step back, three son, fuck man, not God, you know? ” Zhang Erzhou says

The other two men en a sound, swallows, very nervous.

” Well, my number one, two, three, forced, to, an … … Two.

Zhang Erzhou tried to pressure the pubic region, the three characters shouting back, suddenly a exclaimed : “master!! ”

Zhang Erzhou jumps, a fall of gas, almost fell down, looked back, is the youngest bean Ding, an anxious expression, not to know what happened.

” Dry what? ” Zhang Erzhou asked.

” I need to pee. ”

” Oh, ” Zhang Erzhou looked at the fat man and the three son, weak waved ” go go pee. ”

” Oh ” bean Ding and climbed into the hole.

Zhang Erzhou took a deep breath, to fat and three sub a wink, three returned to their respective positions, tie the horse, just want to call 123, have a voice that whispers : “master! ”

Zhang Erzhou was a sudden gush intended to kill, was cursed, suddenly turned, asked: ” what ~ ~?!! ”

” King is pitted wrong, master, he just from the start at the corner, watching the murals have been shaking, I see a bewitched! Would you like to have a look? ”

Zhang Erzhou turned to look, really, that Wang Mazi female apprentice is dull face wall standing, body strange trembling, as if still say what?

Several things people do have stopped, looked at the Wang, in the torch light flashing, Wang Mazi shadow constantly changing shape, was very strange.

” Wang? ” Zhang Erzhou gave a cry, and dagger has been turned over to the hand, a few years this dangerous thing is not met, he doesn’t panic, but managed to touch such a good fertilizer hopper, to point out the things, is not happy.

Wang Mazi has no reaction, seemed not to hear.

Several people afraid, Zhang Erzhou waved his hand, let them relax, to make one’s way noiselessly to Wang back in the past, at four or five metres, he suddenly felt wrong, dagger to waist a plug, a few steps in series in the past, grabs Wang Mazi is a slap in the face. At the same time from his ear ripped off a headset, shout abuse: ” I love you Grandpa!! How many times have I told you, do not listen to MP3 bucket! “

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