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Boruowei held today published before the main push FTTH OTC market

Boruowei will today fourteen thirty in Taipei OTC performance before publication, the performance will be published by the company management team of industrial development, financial and business conditions, future risk etc..

Boruowei is fiber optics and optical communication industrial company, application of long-distance network ( Long Haul ), metropolitan area networks ( Metro ), fiber to the home ( FTTH ) triple play networks and data communication network. The first 3 quarters of this year a total combined revenue of 1333000000 yuan, net profit after tax 123000000 yuan, 1.99 yuan net EPS.

Boruowei ‘s main product is divided into 4 categories:

A 1 optical wavelength division products ( WDM Prodcut ), containing the filter piece of high density wavelength division multiplexer / module ( TFF DWDM device/module ), filter chip sparse wavelength division multiplexer / module ( TFF CWDM device/ module ), micro wave division multiple task module ( Miniature WDM module ) and the array waveguide grating ( AWG ) module.

The 2 light Division products ( Branch Product ), including a planar optical waveguide splitter / module ( PLC splitter/module ), optical fiber coupler / module ( Coupler/module ) and optical fiber array ( Fiber Array ).

3 light energy amplification products ( AMP Product ), contains integrated module ( Integrated module ) ( EDFA ), fiber amplifier, gain flattening filter ( GFF ), functional integration device ( Hybrid device ) and optical fiber isolator ( Inline isolator ).

A 4 optical fiber connection product ( OIN Product ), consisting of an optical fiber connector / jump junction ( Patchcord ), optical fiber array connector ( MPO/MTP ) and active optical fiber cable ( AOC ) etc..

Last year the product proportion of revenues, optical wavelength division products accounted for 36.6% is the highest, followed by light energy Division products 29.3%; the light energy amplifying products accounted for 24.6%, optical fiber connector products accounted for 7.8%, other products accounted for 1.7%.

Boruowei said, its technical development core includes an optical assembly technology and module technology. Covered optical fiber fused taper technique, micro-optics technology and planar waveguide technology. In addition, the high bandwidth, the integrated trend, Boruowei with multi function micro component integration technology is also beginning to show strong competitiveness. At present Boruowei committed to small and low cost optical component design and high-end product specifications of the trial. Has now developed a NxM optical splitter module ( PLC-Splitter ) / erbium doped fiber amplifier module ( EDFA ) / multiple channel module for DWDM / CWDM/OADM complex as well as the active and passive integration module.

In addition, Boruowei in mainland China Guangdong Zhongshan Torch Development Zone has established a total of 40000 square meters factory in Zhongshan, and had to begin production in 2000, is the main production base. This year in October before the consolidated revenues of 1478000000 yuan, annual growth rate of 30.3%.

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