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Boruowei Guapaijie Book 26 yuan customers include global fiber manufacturers

On November 122nd, a passive fiber optic components, modules and systems design factory Boruowei science and technology will be held today in Taipei ‘s Le Meridien Munich Hotel held before results will be published. Boruowei host firms for the Grand Cathay Securities, expected early December listing ( Guapaijie provisional 26 yuan, Frederick giant network report), becoming the first Taiwan has optical passive components, modules and subsystems design and manufacturing capabilities of the listed company.

According to news reports Boruowei lean, customers include the world’s first major fiber component suppliers, including Sumitomo, Fujitsu, American Finisar, JDSU, Tyco etc.. The world top 10 fiber device manufacturers, for 8 Boruowei customers.

Boruowei in recent years in optical passive components market brisk performance, customers in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions, the product by customers certainly.

In recent years the operating performance, Boruowei 2009~2011 annual revenue is 865000000 yuan respectively, 1310000000 yuan, 1298000000 yuan, showing steady growth trend, its development and design capability, has been gradually won the market definitely. The first three quarters of this year with revenue of 1333000000 yuan, net income 123000000 yuan, net EPS is 1.99 yuan, this year in October before the combined revenues 1478000000 yuan, year increase rate is 30.3%, with delivery and stable growth, corporate estimated annual revenue will break through 1600000000 yuan, earnings per share will see 2.5 yuan, have the opportunity to continue to record high.

Boruowei since its inception after network bubble and fiber industry downturn dilemma. However, its management team after severe quenching and insistence, revenue and profits since the beginning of 2010 increased substantially.

In addition, due to the fiber components required to build downstream operators cloth and producing highly customized products, so it has high elasticity of production and the reaction ability of the market, customers can view the drawn fiber product specifications and quickly provide solutions for customers, orders the important advantage of.

Boruowei pointed out that, due to the global network transmission flow in an explosive growth, fixed and mobile network user for high bandwidth and high speed broadband network demand continues to increase, coupled with the governments actively promote broadband network conditions, as well as the telecommunications industry continued towards the triple play service and other factors the interaction, fiber industry will benefit from this the trend continued in a stable growth.

At the same time it also actively expanding optical metropolitan area network and access network equipment business, use the past accumulated rich experience and know-how development more integrated miniaturized module and optoelectronic integration module.

According to market research agency Ovum estimates, between 2012 and 2017, optical fiber network system sales to 5% of the average annual compound growth rate of growth, although the present Boruowei technology new product market is gradually expanding, optical communications market scale view, the future business development great space for growth.

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