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Extreme push to support the new SDN application 100/40GbE module

On November 19th, the American progressive ( Extreme ) network company global strategy system engineering supervisor ( Global Principal Corporate SE ) He Qisen ( Paul Hutchison ) personally to release new 100/40GbE module, for its flagship opening switch matrix ( Open Fabric ) BlackDiamond·X8 switch concept. High density ‘ XL ‘ 100/40 GbE switch module with industry-leading capacity, can support a routing, virtual machine ( VM ) and the traffic flow in the network study. Extreme networks also announced plans to support Big Switch Networks software defined network ( SDN ) applications, to provide advanced and concentrated method, to realize the network monitoring and network.

Extreme networks launched the 100/40GbE XL module to help regulate a variety of highly virtualized multi-tenant cloud data center, Internet exchange point ( IXP ) and data center core deployed network scale. The scale can be extended up to a million routing, address and flow as well as the logical segment multi-tenant L2 broadcast domain network. These are the construction of next generation data center network key elements.

Extreme networks with open and modular in one of the Extreme XOS operating system, in a two network software defined network applications continue to support delivery network software defined network path: Big Switch Networks launched the Big Tap program, flow through the filter means to realize traffic monitoring and dynamic network visualization. The virtual data center network, Big Switch Networks launched the BVS ( large virtual switch ) application through the physical network configuration to the 2~7 layer in the stack of multiple logical networks, thereby realizing network virtualization.

Extreme networks launched the new 4 port 100GbE module and a 12 port 40GbE module for virtualized data centers to provide superior performance and a variety of options; and in a virtualized data center, density, power efficiency and performance is the key task. The module supports open 100/ 40 Gb capacity, can be realized in the 2/3 layer, 2/3 layer service access control list and flow in elastic, wire-speed performance; support for 100G-SR (100 m ) and 100G-OR ( 10 km ) optical networks, can also be upgraded TCAM technical support and promotion form scale; in addition, the module in N+1 power support with fault tolerance and redundancy function.

Famous communication market research company Infonetics analyst Sam Barnett guide said: “the cloud data center network and virtual data center network continued hosting large services, storage and video trend, Infonetics expects 40GbE/100GbE module capacity now is to will have strong growth, and expected its 2016 revenue of $1400000000. Extreme networks such as the supplier for the data center switches to provide larger capacity and higher density of 40/100GbE module, virtual network design flexibility and business / service provider data center, cloud hosting companies and Internet Exchange available performance and capacity increase. ”

BlackDiamond X8 is the data center capacity modular Ethernet switches, has just won the annual best CRN Technology Innovation Award, and won the British famous professional magazine ” Web Computing ” issued 2012 year ” data center product ” award.

Peering GmbH CEO and managing director of ECIX Stefan Wahl said: ” ECIX ‘s next generation Internet exchange network development requirements of multilevel innovation. Extreme networks provide the option to completely meet the needs, because the BlackDiamond X8 switch and Summit switch with X670 innovative design, scalability is excellent, without the need for transformation of the data center infrastructure and spend enormous cost. The 40/100 GbE module port density and high availability, high performance switch engine is provided to each slot as well as reserve in the network may choose to use MPLS to reduce costs and the use of space. Our clients benefit directly from these advantages. Installation into a network system is the extension of ECIX services based, is the so-called tomorrow another way, without the need for compromise today. ”

In 2011 November Lippis report of extreme networks introduced modular data center switches were assessed, these development follow the report thought into a network of company product performance leading. BlackDiamond X8Open Fabric switch provides the highest test through 10/40GbE port density, can be seamlessly supports 1/3 42RU rack 768 10GbE line connection server or a full rack of 2304 10GbE line to connect to the server.

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