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FITEL fusion splicer improvements aid ease of use

OFS says it has added several enhancements to its FITEL hand-held fusion splicer family. The upgrades, which include a built-in battery recharger, a selectable display layout, and more user-friendly LCD monitors, apply to the S123 Clad Alignment Splicer, the S153 Active Alignment Splicer, and the S178 Core Alignment Splicer.

The built-in battery recharger, which eliminates the need for carrying a separate external charger into the field, operates during fusion splicing. A red icon indicates recharging status.

The new selectable display layout enables users to select their preferred display style for viewing the fiber image during the splice operation. Options include a conventional layout, a side-by-side display, and a top-to-bottom comparison.

The LCD monitors on the splicers have been re-designed to provide greater visibility while the windshield is open. The opening angle of the windshield has been slightly narrowed with no change to accessibility to the splice chamber, OFS asserts.

OFS says the new features were inspired by consultations with end users. “There is no better source for product improvements than the product’s users,” Linda Dembowski, general manager of the company’s Optical Connectivity Solutions business, said. “OFS is dedicated to continuous improvement of our splicers based on proven, real-world experience.”

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