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New Knoxville Telephone selects DASAN for GPON FTTH

New Knoxville Telephone (NKTelco) of Ohio has chosen DASAN Networks Inc. to provide GPON fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) access equipment.

NKTelco provides residential voice, data, and IPTV triple-play services as well as business-centric broadband services to customers in central Ohio. NKTelco is rolling out GPON FTTH technology to support both customer bases. DASAN Networks says NKTelco selected its GPON gear with Layer 3 switching capabilities for its ability to support multiple virtual private networks (VPNs) on a single port as well as other features for business services.

“Business services represent a significant revenue stream for us,” confirmed Preston Meyer, NKTelco president. “Not only does the DASAN GPON system meet all of our service requirements, but it’s the most bug-free system we’ve ever deployed.”

DASAN will supply its V5812G compact-OLT for cabinet deployment and V8240 high-density chassis with 40 GPON ports for central office use. NKTelco also will deploy DASAN’s H690 series outdoor and H640 service indoor ONTs.

This is the second FTTH GPON customer DASAN has revealed in the past week, following the announcement that it will supply equipment to Benton Ridge Telephone (see “Benton Ridge Telephone goes GPON FTTH with DASAN”).

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