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Photoelectric original host

In five global communications equipment manufacturers have entered the winter time, photoelectric with favorable policies announced contrarian up high.

Talking about leveraging, photoelectric is a connoisseur.

The last two days of 2011, photoelectric invested 34300000 yuan to buy a 49% stake in Xi’an ancient river. Use 34300000 yuan to buy more than photoelectric paid.

Xi’an ancient river is our country the first fiber-optic cable company, was founded in 1986, by the fiber optic cable strength of the top three of the world’s ancient river electrician wholly owned operations. The acquisition of Xi’an ancient river, let the photoelectric not only accelerate their in optical fiber and cable market layout, more let photoelectric won the old optical fiber cable companies advanced technology.

Just 20 years ago the prosper or Jiangsu Wujiang town of seven are a little known town and township enterprises.

As the world range of fiber-optic cable industry is the first large-scale expansion, prosper decisively launched, in 1992 to produce the East first fibre-optic cable. But if you want to understand photoelectric, fiber optic cable in the global market to realize latecomers become the first., power is the best way.

In order to shorten with foreign counterparts, the large gap between, photoelectric began to search the world for ” springboard “, make every attempt to introduce equipment, technology and capital, creating your own sail boat.

The initial cooperation with Japan, is wonderful fragrant crag joint venture, the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment, greatly enhance the cable production capacity, for the first time scale expansion. On 1996, photoelectric began a second expansion — as a private enterprise, the acquisition of the post in the Institute, and the company of all imports of cable production equipment to move to seven all.

While the photoelectric and because of the ” villagers have foreigner”.

By virtue of the advanced equipment in the post ” realize ” borrow chicken to lay “, photoelectric cable capacity jumped to seventh place nationwide. This coincides with our country “8 vertical 8 horizontal strokes ” trunk network construction peak, photoelectric directly elected to the national telecommunication line engineering, radio and television project.

But the pace of photoelectric leveraging didn’t end there.

In 2010, OFS set up a joint venture with the United States Hengtong photoelectric Jiangsu Orville Hengtong Optical Science and technology limited company. This means that photoelectric obtained from the Baer Lab of advanced technology, photoelectric products began to cut a striking figure in overseas.

Hengtong photoelectric leveraging is not only with the aid of external force, as the optical fiber and cable manufacturers, photoelectric know the favorable policies for the home market effect, then, photoelectric begin with policy.

Kung Fu early

On May 10, 2012, State Council executive meeting to determine the implementation of broadband China strategic project, is expected by the end of 2012 the national FTTH ( fiber to the home ) users will reach 20000000 households. Temporarily between, with balefire communication, technology as the representative of the optical fiber cable firm income soared.

And in order to advance borrow policy, photoelectric started early in the layout.

In 2010 June, photoelectric realized the earliest Chinese preform made.

Although the preform technology’s history has 40 years, but in this history book, few Chinese figure.

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