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SCUT technology main further optimization

Chinese laborers technology company owned laser in 2011 the company achieved sales revenue grew 49%. Laser precision laser systems division, Falilai, Punaze, surface treatment and manufacturing division has the better development, high-end product launch and achieve sales. In addition, China Equity sold during unity, unity will no longer be laborers into consolidated statements, laser plate offer the performance slightly exceed expectations.

Optical communication and passive device plate potential: the company in product development, customer field extensions made breakthrough progress. Huawei Huagongzhengyuan become the strategic supplier, ZTE core supplier, NSN and HP company supplier. Chinese image performance in line with expectations : the consolidation of the Hunan tobacco, tobacco in Gansu and Zhejiang tobacco market, actively explore the medicine, liquor industry, Yunnan Baiyao, Sanofi, Guangsheng appear and Lang, Baiyun side contract. Active positioning transfer paper and cigarette package special printing product development, has been through the customer testing and formation of sales. Robust growth of sensitive components: NTC sensor resistance increases by 50%, the service life of ascension will be for the company’s products to enter the international high-end market basis; has been carried out on NRC and GRC series thermistor technology and its application research; completed the PTC heating strip industrialization, realize batch sales; automotive air conditioning temperature sensors, actuators and control module of automotive electronic products market has achieved breakthrough. The main business companies optimistic about the prospects of plate. Raised for the project with the release of production capacity, the company main business revenue and profit will be steady growth.

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